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Glass Screens & Glass Doors

Unique Glass Solutions, designs and installs bespoke frameless glass doors which are both functional and have a visual aesthetic appeal. Frameless glass doors and screens are a ideal option for use where additional light is required in a room. They are also perfect to help create a modern and contemporary look to either your home or office space.


Glass doors and screens can be used for a variety of openings, in both a commercial and domestic environment. For commercial premises glass doors can easily be incorporated into glass partitions, giving a contemporary all glass look.


With a modern, hectic lifestyle, sometimes at home we need clean lines and minimal distractions, to take the strain off our eyes and help us relax. If that's the case for you, then when choosing doors to fit your interior design, nothing compares to the simplicity and elegance of glass.


At Unique Glass Solutions we can design and install a range of frameless glass doors and screens, as well as acoustic rated glass or just plain partitions. Glass screens are a great way of retaining light and a feeling of space to a room. We can also incorporate privacy to a room through either privacy or decorated glass options. 

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